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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Night I Couldn't Feel My Butt. Today, I Just WISH I Couldn't


Monday morning was a bit crazy, so breakfast was coffee and the Thai inspired rice stuff.  Cold, because I still don't have a functional microwave, and I was hungry and in a hurry.  Lunch was a veggie burger.  It's an easy standby meal when I have nothing else to eat quickly.  Dinner, I am sad to say, was wheat thins and hummus.  I know, not an inspired eating day, but what can I say.  It was a Monday in every sense of the word.

Tuesday was a bit better at least.  I read a post from JL Goes Vegan about a yummy breakfast casserole.  I mostly followed the recipe, but due to what I had in the house, I made some variations.  I used a potato instead of bell pepper (can't believe I don't have any peppers in the house), soy milk instead of almond (nut free house), and about 5 small cloves of garlic.  Otherwise, I followed it, and it was absolutely wonderful.  It was filling, tasty, and a nice change of pace from my usual breakfasts.

The rest of the day, though, wasn't so hot for me.  I had some crackers and hummus again, and a banana, and a slice of french bread.  Nothing balanced at all beyond breakfast, and believe me, my body is rebelling.  It's angry and wants something balanced and healthy.  I think before I go to bed, I'm going to make a green smoothie.

I did make a fresh loaf of french bread to serve with dinner, and a blueberry crumble cake, which just came out of the oven!


Yesterday was the Y-Tri club spin class at 720.  We spent the first 10 minutes getting our bikes set up and warming up while our coach walked around to verify our settings.  I actually had to move my seat up a notch.  That's amazing to me because I am of the short version, and I usually have to lower everything! 

Once our warm up was done, we were led through an hour of drills.  The big difference in our class vs. a regular spin class is the lack of hopping up and down in the saddle.  Spin classes are meant to be a kick butt cardio workout.  Our class is meant to mimic outdoor training, so we did some hill climbs, downhills, and varying degrees of tension.  It was also a chance to practice different hand settings, and for much of it we were in the position of we would be in a race with aero bars.  I have to say, that was very challenging for me because it felt so unnatural. 

After that hour ride was over, I got off the bike and realized that my butt was totally numb.  I made mention of that, and W (my coach), just started laughing.

I decided that morning that I was going to swim also (since really...it's only an additional 11 minutes!).  I did the same swim workout that I did on Sunday.  I wasn't assaulted this time, so it was a good one!  I forgot to push start on my watch, so I'm not sure exactly how long I went, though.  I don't imagine I was any faster than the day before, so I'm assuming my pace was probably the same or even a little slower since I had spent 70 minutes spinning.  Either way, I enjoyed it.

I sat in the hot tub for a few (I earned it!), and then showered up and headed home.

This morning, my butt went from being numb to being angry.  I really need to get one of the cushier seat covers!  And I know that regular riding will help.  I just wonder...can I get calluses there???  That would really be awful.


I have spent the last two days working from home, and I think I've been busier than if I were in the office!  As suspected, R definitely is sick.  She woke up yesterday with a fever and there was no way she could go to school at all.  D had training Monday and Tuesday, so there was no way he could stay home with her.  Fortunately, all my meetings were either conference calls, web ex's, or could be, so I rearranged my schedule to do everything here.  I'm extremely fortunate to have a career that allows that flexibility (and a boss that's cool with it too).

As soon as my first conference call yesterday was over, I called R's doctor and they gave her an 1130 am appt.  We went, and got the confirmation.  Yep.  She's sick.  She has the beginnings of a sinus infection, and a flu-like bug as well.  We got some antibiotics, and were told to expect about 3 days of fevers.

Walgreen's computers were down, so there was a lot of drama trying to get her meds (since the doctors office electronically faxes from their computers, Walgreen's wasn't getting anything). 
We finally got it around 530.

D had a long day at work, and didn't get home until nearly 630.  I saw him for a half hour before I headed to the gym.

When R is sick, she likes to camp out on our bedroom floor.  D set it up for her, and she stayed in our room last night, and will tonight too.  She slept through the night, but when she woke up this morning, she had a 103.6 fever.  Poor baby.  She's been getting rotating Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hrs in an attempt to keep her fever down.  It's mostly been working and she's had a pretty good day today.

I had meetings starting at 830am that went through to 3pm.  I was walking around my house in my jammies with a head set on, checking on R every little bit, cooking, and trying to run meetings at the same time.  Talk about super productive!  AND, the appliance guy showed up early to verify that my microwave is indeed dead, and work on a quote to rip it out and replace it.

I will admit that I felt a bit guilty that at 130 R came downstairs to ask if she could make herself lunch.  She did.  A pizza sandwich.  It was cute.

Tomorrow is D's turn to stay home with the sick monkey, and I have meetings that start at 7am (doctors.  the only time you can meet with them is either ridiculously early or ridiculously late) and go through 4pm.  Then it'll be time to work my way home, figure out dinner, and get to the gym by 615 for my Tri club.

On that note - I'm going to go get my stuff ready for work in the morning and head to bed!


  1. Very cool about that particular spin class. My hubby started doing spin last year when it got too cold for outdoor rides. He liked the intensity, but said it really didn't totally mimic outdoor cycling (he does tris). Oh, and he always wears his padded bike shorts to spin ;-) Hope your daughter feels better soon, poor thing.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the breakfast casserole!

    I had to laugh at the numb butt. Been there, done that! I'm going to recommend that you buy a pair of tri shorts. Tri shorts are different than bike shorts. The padding is thinner and you can wear them easily under a wetsuit for the swim in a triathlon, the protect your bottom on the bike ride and they are easy to run in. Bike shorts for women tend to be too thick for me and I find them very comfortable. I like Zoot tri shorts (http://www.teamestrogen.com/prodZT_S0WTB52.html)

    So sorry R is sick! Hope she's better soon!

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies. I'm telling ya....NOTHING prepares you for that type of "sore".
    R seems to have her spunk back, and her fevers seem to have subsided - thanks! I'm sure she'll be running around like crazy soon. She was running up and down the stairs at home today telling me she was "training". That was cool...