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Monday, November 29, 2010

Snobby Joe...Snobby, Snobby Joe!

If you don't remember the Adam Sandler skit from SNL about the Lunch Lady, then my title is probably lost on you!  For a reminder, here it is Sloppy Joe, Sloppy Sloppy Joe! 

Oh, waking up fully stunk this morning.  Both D and I slept like crap, and today was truly a Monday morning.  One would think that after 4 1/2 days off, that the first day back to work would be met refreshed and relaxed.  Yeah.  Didn't quite happen like that.  It really just furthered my belief that I need to become independently wealthy so I can stop all this work stuff. 

This morning we really all did scramble a bit.  After breakfasts and lunches were made, D was out the door to take R to school and head to the office, and then I got ready to work.  Fortunately, my first meeting wasn't until 1pm, so I got quite a bit of catching up done this morning (just because I didn't work this weekend, apparently doesn't mean other people didn't, and I had nearly 300 unread emails.  Ugh).  Breakfast was some brown rice pasta with the acorn squash alfredo and green beans.  I swear, that meal will NEVER get old.  I wasn't hungry for a real lunch (since I had a late and very filling breakfast), so I had an orange and some pretzels with hummus. 

Since I fully skipped the gym yesterday in order to cook and drink mimosas, I knew this morning that I'd have to do both yesterday's and today's workouts.  So after work, I hit the Y to do both my lower body workout I should have done yesterday (squats, lunges, crunches) and the upper body workout scheduled for today.  All told, it took about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Not too bad. 

I picked up R, got home, and started making dinner.  While dinner was cooking, I went for a quick half hour run, which felt wonderful.  Running this time of year is my very favorite.  It's not hot, and it's not cold.  There's a chill in the air for sure, but I don't have to bundle up.  It's crisp and clean feeling, and I just enjoy being out and moving. 

I made lentil sloppy joes (the recipe is actually called Snobby Joe's from Veganomicon), roasted brussel sprouts (fresh trimmed sprouts, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt - roast covered for 45 minutes at 375 degrees....unbelievable!), and tabbouleh that I actually made yesterday.  A very filling and tasty dinner at only 345 calories. 

  My dinner!  Slightly ashamed of the white bread roll, but it's what I had on hand...

When I went to Whole Foods the other day, I picked up a quart of Mint Chocolate Soy Milk.  I wish I had gotten much more.  It's unreal how tasty it is.  Remember the chocolate mints you always got at the end of your meal at Olive Garden??  It tastes like that.  But liquid.  Or like the best mint chocolate chip ice cream.  In a glass of soy goodness.  Oh, I could drink a gallon of this a day.  My kids love it too.  Tastiest.  Thing.  Ever.  For right now anyway.  Of course, I can't buy it anywhere around me, nor could D or I find it online to purchase.  So you know what he did?  He went to our local grocery (Harris Teeter) and submitted a request form to have some ordered and shipped to the store for me.  See?  He's awesome. 

Tomorrow is a pretty heavy meeting day, but I'm hoping to get to a spinning class as well as a quick run.  I'm thinking I need to get those cycling classes in as much as possible before the Triathlon club starts on Jan 3rd.  While I'm at it, I should probably swim too!  Ugh.  I think I really am going to have to start working out in earnest before work in order to get it all in.  Maybe I'll run in the mornings since it's what I'm most proficient in, and then do my other workouts after work.  Ugh.  See??  Another reason I need to be independently wealthy.  I need more time to exercise. 


  1. Oh so with you on needing to be independently wealthy ;-) Those sloppy joes look great - I seriously need that cookbook. It's on my Amazon wish list at least.

  2. Crissie, dinner looks great, I'm gonna try the sprouts. Thanks for the Mint Chocolate shout out! Cathy at Silk

  3. Heather - its a great book. The tamale recipe in it is to die for too. It's funny to read, and I think my favorite part is the begnning where she goes through every major vegetable and how to just plain roast or bake it - no frills. I learned a ton about basic veggie preparation.

  4. Cathy - you're welcome. It's an amazing product, and I'm actually going on the 2 hr drive today to buy some more (hint hint...how do I get it locally???) I hope you like the sprouts :)