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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 African Elephants and 5 1/2 Sundae's!

The May Fitlinxx report came today.  As promised, here are the results (though the title pretty much gives it away).  Since I only did Fitlinxx for the last week of the month, I'm hopeful that June's report will be much more impressive.  In the week of weight lifting, I lifted the equivalent of 4 African elephants and burned off what would equal 5 1/2 Sundae's. 

In case you wanted to know...

*African elephants are the Earth's largest land mammal. 
*Their ears are so large because they cool them off in the intense African heat
*Many think that their ears are shaped similar to the continent of Africa - which along with its larger size, helps distinguish this regal creature from it's Asian cousins
*Their trunks have approximately 100,000 muscles (humans have between 640-850 in our entire bodies depending on which expert you listen too)
*They are Vegans (yeah, elephants!)
*They don't sleep much (I'm thinking I'm more and more like an elephant than I originally thought!  Though my ears are much smaller).
*An elephant pregancy is 22 months (I've had 3 kids!  That's about 24 months....hmmm....)
*Unlike their Asian cousins, African elephants are not easily domesticated (I'M AN ELEPHANT!!!)
*I don't eat Sundae's unless made with soy or rice milk ice cream...which is hard to find...so I likely burned off crackers or tortilla chips

A friend of mine had surgery this morning, so I've been thinking of her all day.  Hoping to hear from her soon that all is well (hint hint, I know you read this)....  :) 

Other than a few morning meetings, I spent most of my day moving my office stuff from Norfolk to Chesapeake.  I only have 1 box and my fridge left, which I'll do this weekend since I'll need D's help with the fridge.

I've been on a cooking kick tonight, though not much from scratch.  I made burritos for M and D, fish sticks and edamame for R, grilled cheese and soup for A, and I made steamed tempeh spring rolls for me...and vegan chocolate cupcakes for everyone.  Only the spring rolls and cupcakes were actually made by me tonight.  The burritos were from a few days ago, and Mrs. Paul made the fish sticks. 

I encouraged a good friend to workout tonight, and I'm proud of her.  I'm switching up my run days because of the heat and rain - and my inability to run inside for 5 miles.  I hope she's not mad that I didn't workout myself today!  Perhaps she won't read this for a few days and forgive me!

That's pretty much it.  I'm looking forward to the weekend - which is funny because it's a short week and I had 4 days off.  I shouldn't be so drained, but I am.  Alas, I'm happy anyway. 


  1. Haha I love it and Elephants never forget anything either so that is another bonus! Boo to moving though.

  2. Yet ANOTHER reason I'm an elephant!!! What is it they say..."elephants and mothers never forget?" Ain't that the truth....I think I'll have to find an elephant costume for Halloween. Or for whenever I may feel like dressing up as my alter-animal-ego.
    I'm happy about moving though, it puts me really close to the home for the first time ever in my professional career.