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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Can't Make Things Like This Up....

I am not running today nor feeling remotely guilty about it.  This will be a very short, but sweet post.

Husband's car broke down while at our daughter's daycare at 5pm.
Picked up daughter, stopped home, went to pick up eldest daughter from high school at 630.
Tow truck was SUPPOSED to be to the daycare by 610pm.
Tow truck was 45 minutes late.
Waited on new tow truck.
New tow truck arrived driven by tow truck company owner.
1st tow truck driver gets in a fight with tow truck owner.
Tow truck driver #1 quits!

Kids are getting mac and cheese for dinner.  And cake.  I'm taking Derek to get a beer.

Good night :)

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