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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last Day of Christmas Break

Well, today is Sunday - and the last day of the Christmas holiday break.  I've decided that I can fully stand to be independently wealthy and skip the whole work thing.  I think I've spent the past 10 days cooking more than I typically do in a month, and relaxing - which really was the key.  I'm starting to stress a bit about how much work I'll have waiting for me starting tomorrow - but I don't regret actually spending the past 10 days NOT doing any work.

This morning I made a kasha and pasta dish for breakfast from one of my new books about whole food cooking.  Then I made chocolate chip scones and a pumpkin pie.  The scones were vegan - the pie wasn't.  I did nosh on half a scone, but it was yummy.  Lunch for me was an azuki bean and sweet potato dish cooked with a little kombu and seasoned with soy sauce.  Also from the whole foods cookbood - and was suprisingly tasty.

I went to a yoga class today at 315 - so true to my plan thus far, or crosstraining on my rest/crosstrain days.  It felt good because my shoulders and hamstrings have been incredibly sore for the last two days.  The only downside was that the front desk person forgot to turn the heat on, so the "hot yoga" room was only 61 degrees when I got there.  Otherwise though, it was a good class.  More on the gentle side and not very strenuous, but that's okay.  It's Sunday :)

So it's time to relax a bit, make dinner, get everything ready for the kids to go back to school and me back to work tomorrow - and try to enjoy what's left of the last day of Christmas break

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