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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Kindle is Cool!

My husband bought me a Kindle for mother's day last year.  I have absolutely loved having it and take it with me everywhere.  Yesterday (and it's looking like today) are days for staying inside.  We have an unprecidented 9 inches of snow outside, so running outdoors or hitting the gym really isn't going to be happening. 
You probably wonder why I'm babbling about my Kindle.  Well, I have always wondered how anyone can read while on a treadmill, elliptical, etc.  Maybe it's just me, but my head bobs up and down WAY too much to be able to read without getting seriously ill.  And while I love the idea of reading while exercising, I just don't understand how it's possible.
So yesterday I hit the treadmill to workout.  I knew I wouldn't do 9 miles on it, but I also knew I wanted a good hard workout.  I decided to bump the incline to 10 and get a good crosstraining workout in.  I stated out with a magazine, but quickly started feeling icky just trying to focus on the little print.  That's when I remembered - on the Kindle, you can change the font size from really small to obscenely huge (we're talking 3 words per line huge).  SO....I bumbed the text size up as high as it would go and actually read while on the treadmill.  Yeah me!  It certainly made the hour fly by.
Prior to the treadmill workout, I did a 15 minute Bender Ball ab workout, and at the end of it all, felt great. 

And since it was a day of being locked up in the house, I did do some cooking of course!  I made a chicken enchilada slow cooker casserole for dinner for D and the kids.  I also made a homemade black bean soup and apple tofu spring rolls.  Today will likely be baked goods if I can swing it - my oven has been acting unbelievably retarded for weeks now.  It's been screwing up a lot of my baking because it's not holding the temp.  Ugh....

We'll see what today holds.  I really dread the treadmill again, but do need to do something since I missed my long run because of the weather.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Knew on Monday that I was Hosed....

All day on Monday it felt like a Thursday...so by Monday night, I just knew this was going to be a long and painful week.

Work was insanely busy and with much drama - nothing I ever really enjoy.  I had more meetings than normal (so it seemed), so more working into the wee hours just to get things done.  I had several meetings that started at 7am, so I got up a tad earlier than normal so I could leave home by 6am.  That's really, really not my idea of a good time.

This week consisted of a lot of dining out and running around.  To show how up to speed I am, I found out on Tuesday that my kids had a 1/2 day yesterday and a full day off today.  Shows to me just how painfully unaware I am this week.  Fortunately (sort of), D took off today.  He was supposed to take the older kids and some of their friends to overnight laser tag in VB, but it got canceled due to weather.  So what did he do with his day off?  Certainly nothing that I asked, so I got to come home, take Rico to the vet (CONE IS OFF), do laundry, and make dinner.  Sometimes I really love life (insert sarcasm here).

This was also a week of good intentions.  I went to the gym on Monday, dutifully took my rest day on Tuesday (only because a friend told me to), took my running gear with me to work on Wedesday, and flaked off yesterday.  Today was a rest/crosstrain day, and I actually got my butt up at 515am and trucked to the gym.  Before you go thinking that I'm wonder woman - I made an appt with the Fitquest instructor for 615 am.  And as much as I am against anything happening too early in the morning - I never miss a meeting I'm supposed to be at :)

Fitquest is a thing at the Y that I'm hoping will finally get me motivated to strength train - something I desperately know I have to do.  It pretty much makes it idiot proof - there's about 15 machines, and the instructor sets you up electronically with machine settings and weights, you plug in a pin number, and everything interfaces to a computer.  The machine even tells you when you've reached your range of motion and if you're lifting or lowering too slowly.  My goal is 3 days per week.  Maybe even this early morning thing, but we'll see.  If I'm at the gym in the early morning, it means D is alone trying to get everyone organized in the morning - and organization is not his strong suit!

On top of the early morning gym venture - I actually ran into a guy from work there.  Great - nothing like seeing a co-worker at a ridiculously early hour with curly bed head and yesterdays smeared mascara.  I'm sure my image is shot now.

Tomorrow was supposed to be the second race in the distance series.  That, too, has been called on account of weather.  It's rescheduled for next weekend, and I must admit that I'm glad.  The weather people are predicting we get between 8-12 inches of snow starting just after midnight and through Saturday night.  1 inch shuts this part of Virginia down.  8-12, forget it.  Watching everyone this past day, it's like they're preparing for the armegeddon.  The grocery stores and gas stations have been raided for supplies (fire wood, water, wine...the essentials).  I personally think it's funny, but at the same time, I'm not an idiot.  We don't have the resources here to deal with snow (plows, road ice, smart drivers), so I will not be dumb enough to go out and about if we actually get that sort of snow.

Our training plan has us running 9 miles tomorrow.  I'm going to go with the advice of the coaches, watch the weather, and switch my long run to Sunday if I think it will help me avoid the hamster-syndrome known as the treadmill.  The thought of running 9 miles is tough enough - running that far in place....pure torture.

As I'm finishing this, my 6 year old comes into the green room (where we have the computer, books, bar...the walls are green and we don't know what else to call it) to grab a piece of paper to "draw something important, like hypothermia".  I know this has nothing to do with training, eating right, etc - but cracks me up anyway. 

I imagine my posts this weekend will be all about cooking.  If I'm stuck at home, that's what I'll do (will help me avoid the treadmill too - especially if I use it as storage space for all the baked goods)...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Still Can't Figure Out Why It's Called The Great Dismal Swamp

For a good ten minutes now, I have been searching for any information on the Great Dismal Swamp.  I've read histories and tales of it's geography - including that it used to be under the sea.  I've learned of it's link to the Underground Railroad and George Washington's vision of a man made canal that would link the Chesapeake Bay to the Albemarle Sound.  I cannot - for the life of me - find a history of it's name.  So if anyone is so enlightened, please let me know.  I find the name a tad oxymoronic since it was not dismal at all when I went yesterday.

But that was yesterday, and today is another day.  I know that I need to go to the gym and do other exercises (namely strength training).  The problem??  I find it phenomenally boring, probably because it's so repetitive.  I am convinced I would enjoy it (or at least stick with it), if I had a partner.  Alas, none such person exists, so I have to attempt to make myself go.  I actually packed my gym bag last night in an attempt to remove any excuses.  It worked, but I still dreaded it.

We had some crazy storms today, so I was pretty sure I'd have to do my first treadmill workout of the season.  It's funny how I used to pretty much only run on one, but since this training program started, I really dislike the idea of running inside.  Alas, it was probably the easiest 3 miles I've done in months :)  I guess it helps when the road moves underneath you at a designated speed.  It felt like cheating.  I did, however, NOT run enough to finish my audiobook, so still no confirmation that I'm right about who the real bad guy is.  And Robert can't possibly actually be dead - and I know this since I read the sequel already and he's in it.

Before I ran, I did do some strength training - but admittedly bailed when I just couldn't take the repetition anymore (get it???  It was boring...but you're supposed to do 'reps'....).  Instead I signed up to meet with a trainer at 615 Friday MORNING.  Here's hoping I actually go!  The thought of morning exercise isn't fun - especially on a work day.  But I will try...

It was a crazy-busy day at work today.  I had meetings scheduled from 8am until 4pm, with only about a 15 minute break at all.  I brought my lunch, which was a soup and salad thingy, with an apple for a snack.  Breakfast was a smoothie (yeah, warm enough weather where I can actually enjoy some frozen goodness).  After my workout I treated myself to another smoothie (this time purchased instead of made).  Dinner was a black bean wrap and popcorn (it's a food group).

Tomorrow is hopefully going to be a good day.  I only have one meeting - but it's 2 1/2 hrs long.  I have it every Tuesday, and usually isn't that bad.  Otherwise, my calendar is clear, which means I may actually get some real work done.  Oh, and lunch with D, which is my favorite part.

So now I'm going to check some work emails, maybe read (if I can steal my Kindle back from my husband), and possibly watch a show and start knocking them off.  I'm caught up on White Colllar, which I may have announced in a previous post.  We started watching Stargate last night (I think), but I fell asleep.  That was after Project Runway, which I remember, so I must have stayed awake for it.  I'm hoping for a stress-free week...but am pretty sure that'll never happen.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today was my Saturday AND Sunday!

I missed my group run yesterday :(  It really did make me sad because even though I eventually got my miles in, it wasn't the same.  I found myself dreading the run the entire time, and was feeling overwhelmed when I wasn't quite to the 1 mile mark, wondering how the heck I'd get through 9!  I kept trying to channel my inner Coach Jerry and remember that running is a head game as much as anything else.  I missed the social interaction of the group, but instead focused on my audio book - which is almost over and getting good.  I think I figured out who the bad guy is.  With any luck, I'll finish the book this week, and will post if I was right! 

D wasn't feeling too hot on Friday - and I went to a friends house (to bring them some software) and ended up with her and her husband going out to dinner at 9pm...so it was a late night by the time I got home around 1030.  R has swim lessons on Saturday morning, and I wanted D to stay home and rest, so I didn't make it to the group run.  I had every intention of running the 9 miles that afternoon - but ended up shopping in Williamsburg, having minor upset belly issues, and then of course getting ready for a friends birthday dinner and comedy show that night.  Explaining the events of that night would take forever - but lets just say that one of our party almost got kicked out of the place, there was only ONE waitress for a table of 22...and no one was getting drink refills or food, when the food did come it was terrible, and the comics...well, lets just say they are comic students, and have to finish classes yet.  Despite all that, it was a fun night and I hope my friend had a great birthday celebration.

All is NOT lost however, as Sundays are typically a rest/crosstrain day.  I did both!  I took the kids to a Family Yoga class at The Space Above in Norfolk, and after bringing them home and having a quick snack (rice cake with sunflower butter), I drove the the Great Dismal Swamp and ran my 9.  I'm not sure why it's called the dismal swamp (I'll have to look that up), but it was quite cheery actually!  It was 63 degrees, so there were a ton of people out, which was nice.  I wore a short sleeve shirt and short pants - and was dressed perfectly.  I had my water bottle belt thingy too, since I figured it would take me an hour and a half or so to finish.  Near the end I must have been looking a wee rough, two women ran past me and asked me to run with them the last 1/4 mile.  Their timing was nothing short of perfect, and really made me kick into gear that last little bit.  So to the two mystery runners, thanks!  You restored my sanity when I thought it was toast.

My dumb Garmin's battery died.  I took it off the charger yesterday (anticipating running), but it was off.  I went to turn it on this afternoon, and it flashed Low Battery then peetered out.  I had a fleeting moment of NOT running right then, but figured that was a bit of a cop-out.  I actually used the digital readout on my bodybugg to time myself.  I was freaking out a bit about not knowing if I'd run EXACTLY 9 miles, BUT....they had mile markers!!!  I got to keep to my still obsessive need to run precicely what I should.  My Dad called when I was in my last mile.  I answered the phone, and must have sounded hilarious to him as I'm huffing and puffing and explaining what I as doing.  He was just calling to check on D to see how he was feeling, but still - I'm sure my exhausted and strained voice wasn't what he was expecting to hear.

After stopping at the grocery, I made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and now will hopefully catch up on at least some of my 95 hrs of recorded shows that I'm behind on.  My Dad is a little annoyed at some of the shows I'm behind - he can't call me and talk about them.  Mainly it's White Collar and Stargate Universe...oh, and Human Target, and Fringe, and NCIS, and a million other shows I'm way off on.  I do stay current on Castle though, in case anyone wants to chat about it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 Felt Like 30

Maybe it's just me.  And maybe I didn't do as awful as I felt I did, but yesterday's 3 mile run felt like forever.  My pace was 12:12, so I know that technically I wasn't that much slower.  It just felt like I was running through tar.  My breathing was labored, my legs felt heavy, and pretty much nothing about the run was fun.
The weather was gorgeous - about 55 degrees at 6pm, so I can't complain there - though I was a bit overdressed.  I wore a technical shirt and my running jacket (I love having pockets!), and I could have done without the coat.  As much as I love pockets, running with just the jacket would have been strange.  And I imagine things that shouldn't - would chaffe.

I worked from home yesterday (MLK day - kids had off).  I was very happy at how much I really did get accomplished, and aside from a one hour conference call, my calendar was clear.  I was able to work on some major projects with very little interruption - better than I get when I actually go to the office.  I was hoping to take a break and run during the day, but it just didn't work out. 

I'm on the fence on if I'm happy today is a rest day.  After yesterday's run, I'm not too amped to lace up, but I'm anticipating an ugly meeting from 3-5, and may feel the need to pound pavement so I can avoid pounding heads.  Guess we'll see how the rest of the day goes!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally Had Some Great Weather

Yesterday almost didn't happen for me.  It's been a ridiculous week between the hilarious car misadventures, and some not-so-fun drama at the office.  I was really looking forward to the Saturday long run, but have not been sleeping well (waking up between 3-4am every day and not falling back asleep).  Alas, I can thank my doggies for getting me up and moving on Saturday.  Rico was fixed on Friday, so he's wearing a cone around his head.  It's awful to say, but it's extremely funny watching him try to get into spaces (or walk up stairs) with this thing around his head.  Anyway, he woke me up at 430 am Saturday to be let outside.  I went back to bed - finally fell asleep - and turned off my alarm.  At 615, Sammie woke me up because she was expecting breakfast, so I figured it was fate telling me to get my butt up, dressed, and just go get the run done.  I have to do it anyway, may as well get it done with the group!

We're all congregating in front of the J&A Racing office getting our pre-run pep talks from our coaches Greg, Joel, and Jerry.  Right now, we have to be careful not to let the training get into our heads and mental negativity start wearing us down.  Jerry said we should try and run with someone for at least the first half, talk, and do anything to keep our heads from interfering.  I think that's great advice, because yeah - it's daunting to look at the training calendar and see some of the distances that are coming up, and wondering why I ever thought doing this would be a good idea!

H and F couldn't be there yesterday, but I did run with M for the first 2.5 miles.  She's a bit faster than me though, so she went on ahead.  At the 4 mi turn around mark, our coach Greg was there checking in on everyone.  The 4 miles back were a bit tougher, but I suppose that's to be expected.  Back at the starting area, everyone hung out and talked for a while.  Joel told me I was "on his list", but regardles...he DID say last week's course sucked.  Truth hurts, but that's the breaks!

The weather was beautiful, and I was overdressed.  Both Greg at the halfway mark and Jerry at the end made comments to me about having too many and the wrong type of layers on.  I wore a long sleeve thermal-type technical shirt, a long sleeve cotton shirt, and a running jacket.  The thoughts are that I could have done without one or two of the layers, and I should avoid cotton at all costs.  I knew it shouldn't be my base layer, but I didn't realize until yesterday that it can cause me to feel over heated even as a top or middle layer too.  I'll have to pay better attention.  It was about 35 degrees at 7am, but it quickly warmed up into the mid-50's before our run was over.  I have to remember it's okay to be cold at first - I'll always warm up as I'm moving.  I had gloves on too, but took them off at the halfway mark and put them in the jacket pocket.
My pace averaged to be 11:58/mi.  Not uber fast, but I think it's the fastest I've done over that distance.  In our newsletter, we're being advised to start doing tempo runs this week to increase our speed.  I'm nervous, but I know I can do it.  I'd love to see my pace get better.

I had 2 rice cakes with sunflower butter on the way to the run.  I had great energy.  Dinner the night before was a Hmong udon noodle with tofu and bell peppers dish from my VegNews magazine.  It was yummy, but way too salty. 

Last night D and I went with some friends to a wine tasting party.  We had a great time - stayed out until 2am (A made a TON of money babysitting not only for our kids, but for my friends son as well).  I did drink quite a bit, but I wasn't driving, so that's okay!  I woke up at 8 to let the dogs out and feed them, but went back to bed and didn't get up until noon!  It was LOVELY.  I feel good, though lazy (not good enough to work out today!)....so I'll be indulging in the Rest part of the Rest/Crosstrain option on the schedule for today!

And on some fun news, I've decided to make the Chicago Marathon my first full blown one.  It's Oct 10th this year, and since my family is close by, they'll get to come and cheer me on.  I'm scared, but I think it'll be great!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Can't Make Things Like This Up....

I am not running today nor feeling remotely guilty about it.  This will be a very short, but sweet post.

Husband's car broke down while at our daughter's daycare at 5pm.
Picked up daughter, stopped home, went to pick up eldest daughter from high school at 630.
Tow truck was SUPPOSED to be to the daycare by 610pm.
Tow truck was 45 minutes late.
Waited on new tow truck.
New tow truck arrived driven by tow truck company owner.
1st tow truck driver gets in a fight with tow truck owner.
Tow truck driver #1 quits!

Kids are getting mac and cheese for dinner.  And cake.  I'm taking Derek to get a beer.

Good night :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Ran In The Morning!....Sort Of....

Today is going to be a long day.  I have meetings that go until 730pm, so I KNEW that I wouldn't run after...but I hate running in the mornings.  Fortunately, my first meeting today wasn't until 11, and it was a conf call.  I planned to sleep in a bit (until 7ish), help get the kids ready and off to school, and then do my 3 mile run and head to work.  It quite honestly worked brilliantly...BUT IT WAS 9 DEGREES AT 8AM!!!  That's just gross.  I don't live in WI anymore for a reason....and that reason is cold.  Okay, maybe it was because I got a job offer down here 6 years ago that was too good to pass up, but still....escaping weather so cold it could kill you was an extra added benefit.

I hadn't done all the wash from the weekend, so my long johns were still dirty.  If ever there was a day I needed them, it was today.  Alas, I had to get creative with the clothes.  I found a pair of tight and long yoga pants and wore those under another pair of looser yoga pants.  I imagine I looked hilarious, but I did stay warm - except in that little place between where my socks end and the pants start.  It's only like a half inch, but still...
I wore a long sleeve running shirt over a long sleeve thick turtle-neck type running shirt.  And a jacket.  And a hat.  And two pairs of gloves.  It was biting cold at first, but I did warm up and felt suitably dressed.

My Garmin was not seated well on the base apparently, so the battery was dead.  I had a moment of panic and actually contemplated NOT running, but figured that was a wee wussy, and all I needed was a way to find a 3 mi loop around my house somewhere.  After some googling, I found mapmyrun.com, and was able to lay out a good loop.  So armed with a regular timex watch (oh the humanity), my ipod, and looking like an overdressed Frosty the Snowman, I left for my run at 830am.  Quite honestly, it felt good.  The first 1.5 miles I felt really really strong.  No walk breaks.  The loop back was windy, but I still felt better than I anticipated.  I'm not saying I'm a morning runner, but it didn't suck as badly as I thought it would.

I made the trek in 36:30, which according to my Garmin software (yes, I can plug in a manual workout!) was a 12.01 min mile average.  I'm happy with that....for now.

Breakfast was some hot tea and a rice cake with sunflower butter.  Now that I wrote that down, it does seem very diet-ish, but it's just the way I eat.  I miss smoothies, but it would be mental to actually have anything frozen in weather like this.  I wonder how places like Cold Stone and Friendly's stay in business in the winter.  You have to be an idot to go out for icecream.

As a quick other update, yesterday in my Rest/Crosstrain day, I did go to a hot yoga class at 430. It was hard, but a great class. I'm sore today, but my hamstrings feel great!  I think it was all the down dog....

Anyway, fun is over and now it's time to go to work. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Ran a 10K!!!

I should have posted this yesterday, but I'm pretty sure I spent most of the day thawing and napping after the race.

SO....the Tidewater Striders hosts a distance series each year that serves partially as tune up races for the Shamrock.  If you're running the 1/2 marathon in March (as I am), then you run the 10K, 15K, and 20K, plus a 14K in there too (different race though) instead of the regular Saturday group runs.

So I was excited and nervous.  I had a bad week and didn't get any workouts in.  First week back to work after 10 days off, and it was crazy.  Not the greatest excuse, but it is what it is.

On Friday, I drove out to Final Kick after my 430 dentist appt to pick up my race number and free water bottle.  I stopped for a solo dinner on the way home (just me and my Kindle).  Since it was just me, I opted for Thai - which is one of my favorites.  I feasted on a salad and some tofu green curry.  It wasn't as good as the restaurant closer to home, but still tasty. 

I went home, got some work done, and went to bed early.  I was too wound up, so it was after midnight before I finally fell asleep.

Alarm went off at 6...ugh.  And unfortunately, the Thai food was not a good choice...belly was gurgly and I really am not going to go into any more details than that.

I threw my clothes on (everything prepared the night before of course!) and left pretty much right away.  I stopped at 7-11 to fill up the car, grab some hot tea, a bottle of water, and a clif bar for breakfast.  It was funny - I had already pinned my race number on my jacket.  There aren't many people out at 7am on a Saturday, but the people at 7-11 were all really nice - asking me about the run, wishing me luck...it was pretty cool.

I knew about 5 people there from work, plus the coaches Greg and Joel.  Joel gave us quite the pep talk....he let us know that "the course sucked", that it was all wind the first half and all hills the second.  Oh the joy :)

It was freakishly cold.  19 degrees - plus whatever the wind chill was.  I wore long thermal underwear, pants, a long sleeve thick technical shirt, a t-shirt, two jackets, 2 pairs of gloves, and a hat.  And no.  I was NOT overdressed. 

We did a group picture (which I'm excited to see), and then we were off.  Quite honestly, the first mile really sucked.  My stomach was pretty icky, but it passed.  I took a few walk breaks, but according to my Garmin, I averaged at 12 min/mi pace, which is close to what I was hoping for.  I was very proud of the run - Greg even ran a bit of the last part with me for inspiration, which was nice too.  It gave me that last little push I needed to get across the finish line.

So after the run, I hung around for a few minutes, but then headed home.  I grabbed a salad from Moe's and then dethawed in the shower.  I fell asleep for about an hour and a half after that, which was nice since I usually nap like crap.  When I woke up, D asked me if I'd like to have lunch, so we hit the new Kelly's in Great Bridge, and I had a veggie burger and a beer.  The rest of the day was pretty lazy, which is just how I like it.

So today - bloody mary breakfast with a very good friend, and then grocery shopping.  Off to Hot Yoga, and then a relaxing evening of cooking!

Let's hope I'm better this week - and less afraid of the nasty cold weather.  Not really an excuse since I have a treadmill....but it's just not the same anymore.  I like running outside.  Inside...I feel kinda like a hamster.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last Day of Christmas Break

Well, today is Sunday - and the last day of the Christmas holiday break.  I've decided that I can fully stand to be independently wealthy and skip the whole work thing.  I think I've spent the past 10 days cooking more than I typically do in a month, and relaxing - which really was the key.  I'm starting to stress a bit about how much work I'll have waiting for me starting tomorrow - but I don't regret actually spending the past 10 days NOT doing any work.

This morning I made a kasha and pasta dish for breakfast from one of my new books about whole food cooking.  Then I made chocolate chip scones and a pumpkin pie.  The scones were vegan - the pie wasn't.  I did nosh on half a scone, but it was yummy.  Lunch for me was an azuki bean and sweet potato dish cooked with a little kombu and seasoned with soy sauce.  Also from the whole foods cookbood - and was suprisingly tasty.

I went to a yoga class today at 315 - so true to my plan thus far, or crosstraining on my rest/crosstrain days.  It felt good because my shoulders and hamstrings have been incredibly sore for the last two days.  The only downside was that the front desk person forgot to turn the heat on, so the "hot yoga" room was only 61 degrees when I got there.  Otherwise though, it was a good class.  More on the gentle side and not very strenuous, but that's okay.  It's Sunday :)

So it's time to relax a bit, make dinner, get everything ready for the kids to go back to school and me back to work tomorrow - and try to enjoy what's left of the last day of Christmas break

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Was A Crissie-sicle!

Today was the 7 mile group run.  I made it down there around 720 this morning, and ugh, it was COLD.  I was a little nervous as we were doing our pre-run huddle and I didn't see H or F, but right before we got going, H showed up..yeah, my running partner!  Not sure how I would have gotten through it without her.

It was a good morning.  My alarm went off at 6 this morning, though I woke up at 5.  I kept staring at the clock trying to force myself back to sleep, which of course never works.  I'm getting smart about putting aside my running clothes on Friday night so I'm not scrambling and running out of time.  So I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, and before I was even fully awake, had my running clothes on.  I made some tea, ate breakfast (2 slices of Ezekiel toast with sunflower butter), and to my surprise - D got up and walked me out (which was really cute - especially since he hates mornings even more than I do).

The weather was 27 degrees, but when I looked it up, it was 9 with the wind chill.  The first bit and the last were brutal, but once we got on the trails, at least there was no wind.  I was dressed well from the waist up, but not from the waist down.  In very short order, I could no longer feel my legs.  I've been running in either yoga pants or regular workout pants, and likely need to invest in some running pants that actually cover my legs (all mine are capri length), and don't let the draft in.  On the top half I wore a long-sleeve running turtle neck, a t-shirt, a fleece sweatshirt, and a running jacket.  Sounds like overkill - it wasn't.  I also had a hat and my nike gloves - which did a terrible job of keeping my hands warm.  I also had my water-bottle belt.

After the first 2 miles, we stopped for water and a bathroom break before hitting back on the trails.  3.5 miles out, 3.5 miles back.  Running with H is always nice and we never run out of things to say - though can run in silence as well.

I felt good and strong - the breakfast agreed with me well.  We took several walk breaks and averaged a 14 min mile.  I was a little surprised, but I think that until I get better at this, the longer the distance - the slower I'll be. 

I got home, took a really hot shower to try and get feeling back in my legs and fingers - and then went to the movies.  My daughter's boyfriend came over, and my husband volunteered me to make dinner (so much for leftover night), so I made chicken parm with pasta, salad, and garlic cauliflower.  I didn't have anything - ate too much crap at the movies (popcorn AND twizzlers).  I did have a Tofu Apple wrap when I got home to try and equalize the junk food.

I am going to go read - something I don't get much time to do.  My plan is to turn in early and make the most tomorrow of my last day off before *gasp* heading back to work.

So overall - a great day.  I'm proud that I got that 7 miles done, and even more proud that I have been really sticking to the training schedule, and have thus far done all of my runs out in the elements.  Tomorrow is a Rest/Crosstrain day, and I'm meeting a friend for hot yoga at 315.  I'm really sore right now - mostly from yoga yesterday - but I imagine the run today has a bit to do with it as well.  It's a good sore though, and I think yoga tomorrow will be a good plan.  With maybe a few bloody marys after!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I cannot believe that it's already 2010!  2009 was such a crazy year, and it went by so incredibly quickly.

Yesterday I went for a run with H at Oak Grove Park.  We were only scheduled for 2 miles, which is good since the park was a mud pit from all the rain the night before.  We ended up walking quite a bit to navigate around some of the nastier parts.  While I was a bit disappointed that our average pace was a 14 minute mile, I realize that I should give myself credit for even getting out there and sticking with it.

For breakfast I had a rice cake with sunflower butter and a banana.  I felt that I had appropriate energy.  The weather was chilly and foggy - around 42 degrees.  I wore pants, a long sleeve underarmour shirt, with a t-shirt over it.  This is apparently becoming my winter running attire.  I also wore a hat, but no gloves.  I was comfortable and not feeling under or over dressed.

After the run, I met a friend out for lunch and a few beers.  Veggie burger with hot sauce!  I munched on popcorn, edamame, and fig newtons the rest of the evening.  I stayed up until midnight, but was in bed by 1230.

I spent the past couple of days catching up on magazines that have been piling up (though I have 4 more to get through).  Two of them were running magazines, and there was an article about journaling.  Again - good that I'm writing things out - but I'm apparently missing a few things I should be jotting down.  I should be commenting not only on the weather, my diet, my attire, and how I feel, but my mileage, pace, time of day, etc.  So the rest of my posts will contain those.  No laughing at my snail-like pace...

Today was a Crosstrain/Rest day.  I have been more than aware that on these days, I have opted for the Rest part pretty much every time, and if I really and truly want to be a runner some day, I need to crosstrain instead.  So today is a new day - and a new year - and a new committment.  On my crosstrain/rest days....I am going to crosstrain instead of rest.  And with my new committment - today I went to a hot yoga class at Zen.  I normally go to Chesapeake Hot Yoga, but they were closed today.  Therefore, Zen got my business - and it was a great class.  The room was at 100 degrees, but they had fans going so I never really felt the heat.  The class was packed, and the instructor was wonderful.  She was appropriately energetic, gave great instruction, and worked with everyone on correct alignment.  She also had the best selection of music I've ever had in a yoga class.  Not the typical slow chanting music - but upbeat and funky - with songs from Jack Johnson and others that I didn't know, but it certainly kept me energized throughout the class.

Breakfast today was a mushroom/tofu/brown rice dish left over from last week.  Very yummy.  A bit later I munched on a few chips, but not many.  I had a hankering from something salty.  After yoga, I got home and started cooking (no surprise there).  So far today I've made 2 loaves of homemade bread and a batch of homemade rolls, cookies, Tofu Apple Spring Rolls, miso soup with udon noodles, and lasagna.  I'm exhausted, but everyone is well fed.  Between yoga and dinner (which for me was the soup and a spring roll), I admittedly had a few fig newtons and one of the chocolate chip cookies (vegan of course) I made.  Oh...and a couple mimosas.  I have to stop drinking my calories.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow.  It's group run day - and we're scheduled for 7 miles!  I'm going to bed early tonight and am bringing my water-bottle-belt-thingy with me.  And snacks.