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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Upper Body is Going to Be Sore Tomorrow...I Hope!

Second day back on days, and I slept like poo.  I don't mind working nights, but I hate the flipping of the schedules.  I imagine it's like intense jet lag.

We slept in until about 930 this morning.  Probably all would have slept much later if not for the doggies wanting their breakfast.

D ran out to Dunkin Donuts for him and the kids (I did not partake!).  I did a killer upper body workout of pullups and pushups for an hour right after waking.  Felt very proud of that actually.  The only thing I didn't plan well was the whole eating thing.  Since D and I had plans to have lunch and go to a mantinee, I didn't eat breakfast.  By the time I got done working out, it was getting too late to eat anything and NOT ruin my lunch.  Next time, I'll splurge on a smoothie or some chocolate soy milk or something.

We went to lunch - and I had a lovely bowl of split pea and barley soup and a salad of grilled vegetables.  Very filling and yummy - and I didn't feel remotely guilty about any of it.

What I did feel guilty about is skipping the movie.  I was just so tired, and didn't want to wander around the mall another hour before our flick even started.  SO...our Sunday date got cut short, we went home - and I lied down for about 15 minutes while D went and bought yet another new video game.

Dinner was fun.  For D and the kids I made homemade meatballs, beer bread, grilled chicken parm, and spaghetti.  For me???  Leftover tofu and brown basmati from yesterday.  Ah well, at least the red wine is good!

Exercise - B+
Eating - B+

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