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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Fibbed

I failed the test.  Wickedly failed it!  I'm working nights tonight and thought I could work in some type of physical activity.  And if it weren't for the apparent daytime marathons of Law and Order, I may have succeeded.

I went to work around 830 today - even though (again) it's my day off.  I had to give a presentation at 930, and left the office at 1030.  I went home, and was hoping after a few minutes of rest, that I'd get off my butt and at least walk the pups.  Yeah - not so much.  Instead I had a huge craving for stuffing - so I made some - and pretty much ate it all.  I had to work tonight from 8pm-8am, so figured I'd have to work a nap in there somewhere.  I slept from 230-5pm, and had to leave by 630. 

So....I can almost excuse myself from not working out (though it's lame), but what I can't excuse is that I ate like absolute crap today.  It started well with a healthy cereal and some soy milk.  It went down hill as soon as I got home from work.  Perisistent snacking and then gorging on stuffing didn't help.  And now I'm at work all night with nothing but snacks lying around.  Ugh - I feel like a cow.

I am obviously disparing a bit and need to stop and move on.  The grades for today??

Physical Activity - F
Eating Habits - F

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