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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Night Shift!

Today was a good day for sleeping!  I stayed up until 630 this morning - mainly watching TV, snuggling with Rico (the smaller dog) and the cat - and fighting to stay awake.  I didn't really eat much - but didn't exercise either when I had hoped to.  I could barely stay awake!

After going to bed at 630am, I didn't get up until just after 4pm!  I spent about an hour with D watching the Biggest Loser, had some veggie soup, took a shower, and took off for Hampton.  The drive was probably one of the scariest in my life - the wind, rain, and pitch blackness turned a 30 minute drive into 90.  I stopped and grabbed some healthy snacks on the way in, and am here now until 8am (it's 11pm right now).

So, I'm hoping for a quiet and productive night - and the strength to stay away from the junk food!  Wish me luck :)

Eating - B
Exercise - D (don't feel too terribly guilty given my strange schedule)

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